How this came to be.

I guess I’ll start this thing off with some kind of back story / introduction so there’s a better understanding of my mindset and expectations vs. the reality of our new life and how we raise our son. So here goes:
                I grew up imagining a life without children, content to live life as the final Kitzmiller branch in my tree. After meeting my wife, for the longest time she shared the same sentiment and kids were never an issue as our two dogs filled the void in my wife’s maternal subconscious. They were a valid substitute that allowed us the freedom to come and go and do as we please. I was happy with this arrangement. My wife, however, had a switch flipped and suddenly caught baby fever.
                This bothered me immensely. Firstly, I never wanted kids, never have been good with kids, and quite honestly, didn’t care for them. Now that didn’t make me an ass, just someone that was fine doing without. Secondly, my Wife who was on ship with me was flipping the script and had ovaries that were telling her it’s time for a change in family dynamics. After many months of silent inner toiling and debating and mental preparations, I realized how important this was to my wife and agreed to have child.

Little Liam – not even 24 hrs old.

                I could see myself being a father, but was I really ready to sacrifice pretty much the way I’ve known everything to be? Absolutely! I love my wife enough to not deny her of one of life’s greatest and most important experiences, even if I couldn’t handle it. I knew I’d find a way.  After a few hiccups (which won’t be discussed, but Little Liam is not our first. Baby K didn’t make it to the 2nd trimester), shots, some medical tests, extensive baby dancing and 9 months later – we were blessed with our son – Liam.
      Expecting a more westernized approached to raising our son, I think I was most unprepared for was my wife’s sudden and rather dramatic transformation into a crunchy Mama. Our son has never slept in his crib (a waste of money we now realize) instead we have a family bed and co-sleep; has NEVER cried it out; breastfeeds on demand; gets handled and loved on all the time and is worn whenever we leave the house (never been in a stroller which was another waste of money). The funny thing is, I’m completely on board with this form of parenting as is the purpose of blog, to talk about and muse upon this unexpected, but completely embraced new life I have created.

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