Cedar Point and Future Memories

Part of the beach front Hotel property along with a good
view of Lake Erie. 

                Every time I hear a goose or a seagull, I’m taken back to all our yearly trips to Cedar Point on its own little peninsula in Upper Sandusky in Lake Erie. The distinct aroma of the Great Lake, the lake front view (or the view of the parking and part of the park, depending), and the many miles walked in the course of our weekend getaways. We would always stay in the in-park hotel with access to the hotels private lake sand bar. The seagulls always present, cawing and buzzing overhead throughout the park and beach.

                The multi-day visits would allow us to explore all the nooks and crannys of a Park that most don’t get to fully experience.Despite its “Most Coasters in One Park” notoriety, there’s much more to it than rides, although as a coaster enthusiast that’s the main reason for the trip.  There’s a plethora of other entertainment to embark upon that could take up a weekend in itself.  Some of the day is spent relaxing on the sand bar about 75 yards off the shoreline. 

A little more of the park as we ride the big-ass Ferris wheel.
I was yelled at for moving and causing our cart to sway.
                It’s these moments that I can’t wait to share with my little man. The smaller, less significant moments like walking through their little historic row or sharing a mega icee-martini while watching brave souls get off the “Chaos” ride and not being able to walk upright. Or watching him struggle to fight common sense and let go on the Swinging Pirate Boat and enjoy weightlessness. Or joining him while his little fingers and feet sink further with the rise and fall of the lapsing shoreline; and having a shell rest occasionally by his buried hand.

                In about 4 yrs. time he’ll be old enough to create new memories of our annual getaway. Richer memories of all his firsts. Of our firsts as a family. Our first road-trip with all his inquisitive questions of the world around him. His first major Coaster ride or watching Snoopy On Ice as a reprieve from the intensely humid Ohio summers. All of these I’m so anxiously waiting for. Although it’s funny that I know as soon as these memories are made, I’ll wish him little again so I can hold and cuddle him like I do now.


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