The Good, The Bad and the Clumsy – A Trip to the Park

     So we start the day with Liam’s first trip to the park.  Mrs. K was obsessed wanting to get Liam on the swings on a beautiful day; and rightfully so. It was a gorgeous day after all. We encountered two extreme opposites of how parenting affects the behavior of children. Let’s take a look.

The Bad
      We arrived at the park at the same time as another family. They all stumbled (quite literally) out of their car.  They were loud and almost appeared to be yelling at one another. The younger boy, maybe 11 or 12 or so; slammed the door shut. The door refused to take part in his antics and didn’t latch. So the boy kicked it, hard, right in the gut; all the while talking smack. It tapped out and latched on the first woeful kick. “Are you kickin’ my door?” yelled the mother. “It wouldn’t shut” he mumbled something foul to himself and then ran off while the parents found the closest bench and sat down to play on their phone instead of with their child. I said something on the lines of control and discipline to Mrs. K.
                A while later the boy came back to the neglectful parents. I heard the whole exchange. It went something like this:
Kid –mumble, mumble “Hey mommy”, mumble.
Mom – “The fuck?! Fuckin’ get out of here! Damn!” – Waves hand irratically and violently at kid to get him away while keeping her face stuck in her phone and her overly huge husbands arm around her, not intervening in the slightest.
                The kid mumbled something followed by the mom telling him to scram. I looked at Shari and asked what the hell is wrong with them? No wonder the kid behaves the way he does. I was blaming the kid for the poor door being abused; now the fault switches to the parents. That’s pretty obvious at this point.

     Here’s a brief intermission with some pictures of Liam on the swing for the second time. It was my first time with him swinging and he was squealing all the way! He had sooo much fun, as was I watching him thoroughly enjoy himself.


The Clumsy
     After Liam’s swinging bliss, Mrs. K and I went to the big boy swings just to sit and chill with Liam on her lap. Shortly after we sat, that’s when we were in hearing range of the above exchange. Remember the Bad? Did I mention she had a cigarette in her hand while flailing at the kid?
     Anyway, after the aforementioned exchange, I noticed my right cheek was hurting because I was sitting on my wallet. Adjusting in the swing to accommodate my wallet, the swing slipped out from under my bum and I comically fell straight down into the mulch.
The Good
     Seeing this was a little girl playing on a truck not too far from us; maybe 8 to 10 yrs old. She instantly took steps towards me and immediately asked if I was okay. I waved to her and said “Thank you, I’m okay”. Can you guess what the Bads did? Yeppers, they laughed. What’s that say when a little girl is more concerned for my well-being than a grown couple? I attribute that to the fine parenting for the young girl. Just as I contribute the boys behavior from the Bads.
     I picked myself up, dusted off my bum, adjusted my wallet, and sat back down and finished my swing-date with Liam and the misses; knowing that some faith has been restored in parenting thanks to the little girl. 

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