Be you.

One thing I’ve learned since becoming a parent is that people (including ourselves) try to compartmentalize our every technique, behavior and style into fitted containers. You are either this parent, that parent or the dreaded “one of those” parents. When attempting to describe how I am as a parent and person I am going to start saying I’m uniquely me as is my “style”.

I cross-pollinate categories and defy fitting into containers. We air out cloth diapers on a line in the backyard and help fill landfills with disposables. We have a quaint garden we tend and attempt to eat natural and healthy; but I do enjoy delving into colorless, highly processed foods. I attempt to limit t.v. time but fail as much as I succeed. I want to let TheBoy have the space to explore and have his personal experiences without my bias or input, but find it difficult not to helicopter when in a crowd. I like the holistic/natural approach to remedy ailments but rely more on modern medicinal fixes. I want to raise a gentle, peaceful child yet I’m okay with gun play.

I could go on but I think my oxymoronic approach is pretty obvious. I try more now than ever to take a “to each their own” mentality when it comes to different things. I’m in no position to pass judgment. There are only a handful of things I stand firm on: CIO, Circumcision and Corporal Punishment. That is to say I don’t agree with any of these. Not negotiable.

So to hell with boxes, stereotypes and categories. Be uniquely you and never apologize for it! You’ll have your extremes on both ends of the spectrum that will criticize and ridicule (I’ve had it from both sides). Let it bounce off and move on. It’s not worth your time or your effort to explain yourself. And certainly not the worth the negative space it will occupy in your mind.


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