Systematic Cruelty

When have we, as a culture and species, become so far removed from our instinctual parenting that it has become not only common, but applauded that we are systematically cruel to our children?

How did it became acceptable and encouraged to put your 6 week old out away from their comfort to cry themselves to exhaustion and physical sickness to fit our modern industrialized schedules? They biologically need our presence and touch at night as much as day.

How could one man who hated masturbation completely change the gentle entrance of many millions of boys and create a cultural norm by convincing parents to permanently disfigure their genitals? Nature has evolved it to its optimal usage.

How have large corporations convinced us that a man-made chemical soup is just as good, if not better, then what mammals produce naturally and have thrived on for millions of years? Accept that nature has perfected the ultimate, changing cocktail for human survival.

How is it celebrated that we become hypocritical in our parenting by hitting our children and demanding respect then tell them hitting isn’t acceptable and respect is earned? Learning and respect is better received when it comes from empathy, patience and understanding.

Why are we being criticized and called out for practicing these instinctual, biologically normal means of ensuring our children have the best chance for survival and upbringing by keeping a family bed, feeding them naturally, gently guiding and respecting them and leaving them perfect as they were born?

Just points to ponder….


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