A small journey of learning.

A small journey of learning.

Little lungs belt out a squeal.

I’m not being annoying. My voice is developing sounds unfamiliar to my ears. Boy, the acoustics sure are different in the bathroom than the bedroom; and different in the car and at the park. I made that noise!

Little feet squish mud between the toes.

I’m not being dirty. It’s cold and soft. I sink ever so little when I put my foot in it. Small, form-able clumps emerge from the gaps in my toes. It’s fascinating and new. It makes a cool splat when I smack it with my hand. How neat and exciting!

A small human puts a crayon on the wall and draws a line.

I’m not being bad. I can make lines on a piece of paper. I wonder what else I can make lines on! This applies differently on the chair than paper. And even more different on the wall! It’s like a giant piece of paper. What big things I can draw on it!

A little toddler spreads his recently picked up toys all over the room.

I’m not being messy. I don’t know what a mess is. These are all my toys! I can see them all when I spread them around. It makes me so happy to view them and wallow in their glory. I’m allowed few things to play with and these are all of them!

An excited voice calls repeatedly for you and tugs at your shirt.

I’m not being disruptive, I just have something really, really exciting to tell you that can’t wait! I don’t yet know that you’re in a conversation and should wait. This awesome thing just happened and you need to know now!

I’m still learning and discovering new things every day! Be my gentle guide through my journey.


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