Circumcision. I did not consent and I’m speaking out.

GA Logo Blue CircleI always here the argument: “I never hear guys complain about being circumcised.” Well, I’m here to tell you that you can no longer use this argument. Men complain. And often.  Besides, how often do you approach strangers and ask if they are happy with their circumcision (or lack thereof)? My guess is never. I know I don’t walk around with a sign hanging around my neck saying that I’m unhappy with it. And I am unhappy.

I know what I was robbed of. Such a valuable piece of flesh, the foreskin.  Protector, cleanser, lubricator, glider and superb pleasure provider.  I’ll never know the pleasure of intercourse that my foreskin would have provided. I won’t know the pleasure of having an undamaged glans due to being roughened and calloused from a life of exposure, chaffing and constant rubbing. The benefit of having a natural gliding motion, trapping in its naturally provided lubricant, is lost to me. The ridged band and 20,000 fine-touch nerve endings were taken from me, forever stealing my ability to experience sex as nature intended me to. The foreskin; the incredible 15+ square inches of skin; was cut off in infancy because of false information.

Men do complain. You just need to be receptive when they do.

Do I blame my parents? Partly, but not much. They could have researched it, but I was born in a time when virtually all males were circumcised in the US. It wasn’t questioned. It was just done. My parents did not know any better. After all, doctors know best, right? Well, in the case of male circumcision they don’t, and willfully so. They rely on false information[1] and highly flawed African studies[2] to perpetuate the belief that it is necessary. There is money to made[4] in the procedure (cough cough facial cream[3]), so of course it’s in the best interest of those invested to continue the lie. So no, I mostly blame our medical establishments for not keeping the best interest of our male infants in mind.

Our culture is one where it’s so engrained in our psyche that intact penises are not only gross, but unnatural. “I’m glad I don’t have an anteater.” “No turtle neck for my guy!” These are often spouted arguments by ignorant men. Men in need of suppressing facts and realities through cognitive dissonance. It’s funny because the rest of the world views the US culture of cutting boys gross, unhealthy, unnatural and sick. Women that have experienced both cut and intact penises overwhelmingly (85% [1]) prefer intact men; so really the joke is on those boasting about being cut as infants.

When we really boil this down, despite all the false “health benefits” and its “better aesthetics”, we have a violation of our most basic of human rights – our right to ourselves. Our infant males lose this right no sooner than they are born. Their bodies are not their parents to decide what to do with. Our girls are protected from cosmetic alteration at birth. Our boys should be allotted that same basic human right.

My bodily rights were violated. I was not allowed a choice. I did not consent to a permanent cosmetic alteration of my most private of areas. And the very fact that I’m a man writing this is proof that men do indeed complain; and we are not complacent in the fact that this continues as normal in our society.  I’ll close this with my favorite quote which I can’t locate the origin of: “They got my foreskin. But I won’t let them get my sons.” We need to protect our boys.

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18 thoughts on “Circumcision. I did not consent and I’m speaking out.

  1. Thank you for writing this, for sharing references and for being courageous enough to share. I’ve known moms who are against circumcision, but yield to the wishes of the dads. Men who stand up for the boys they create will change this.

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  2. I’m not American. Here we don’t circumcise in general. People can get it done if they need or want to, but I consider male circumcision just as barbaric as female one. I know that the reason hundreds of millions of men are circumcised is that in the 1920s, some asshole proposed that it will keep boys from jacking off (which it definitely did back then, without lube being as available). That is the *ONLY* reason for circumcision in the US.

    However, circumcision may be illegal and I believe someone – just one man – should seek legal action, suing the government for mutilating him. The area is very grey, and is detailed in this PDF.

    Click to access Adler_Formatted.pdf

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  3. Thank u for talking about this most common issue that should concern to everyone. Sadly in México, the circumcision is gaining popularity, around 40% of boys are circumcised and I am one of that less fortunate.

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  4. It’s quite simple: DO NOT MUTILATE YOUR BABIES!

    You would be horrified if someone suggested you cut off your babies’ little finger so why is circumcision any different?

    It’s unbelievable that anyone would cite ‘religious reasons’ for this practice. Saying “my religious elders told me to do it” or “It’s always been this way” or “cultural precedent” is simply indefensible. Now let’s just stop it and move on. Thanks for reading.

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  5. Thank you for this blog. I’m in the same boat as you. I think all of us, men and women who know the truth, have an obligation to try and defend the physical autonomy of all future generations, boys and girls alike. I think we have a difficult fight on this issue for several reasons. One is, as a circumcised man, that you don’t know what your missing. You adapt and move on with what you have. You may have what you percieve to be a “normal and satisfactory” sex life and think nothing is missing at all. (But if anyone was asked if they would like 30% more, I can think of no one who would say no, and I wonder what the prescription rate for viagra, cialis, etc., is for cut vs. uncut men and at what age.) The realisation that you might actually be missing something so substantial is painful and difficult to accept, especially since it is your loved ones who made that decision for you. And finally, there is going to be defenders of the practice from religious traditionalists and from parents defending thier decisions. How hard would it be to accept that you mutilated your childs genitalia, even out of ignorance? Anyway, thanks again for speaking out. Keep up the good fight.

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